Since April 2008, all Knauf Insulation rock mineral wool products comingfrom the factory of Surdulica have been bearing the mark EUCEB. EUCEB (EuropeanCertification Board for mineral wool products) is the confirmation of anindependent body which guarantees that mineral wool products meet the criteriafor non-cancerous materials. Designers, contractors, owners and users ofbuilidngs, as well as the public may now be certain that the Knauf Insulationproducts are correct.



Is rock mineral wool harmful for human health?

 For many years, rock mineral wool has been thesubject of various studies and investigations dealing with its effects on humanhealth. That is why rock mineral wool products are checked by international healthorganizations and expert groups, from the aspect of potential harmfulness forhuman health. In accordance with such researches, these products are classifiedinto the group of products that are not harmful for human health. This wasofficially acknowledged at IARC meeting (International Agency for Research onCancer) held on 9-16 October  2001 in Lyons,France, when mineral wool, and with it, rock mineral wool, was classified into “Group3”, i.e. as a non-cancerous material.  


Is there any hazard foremployees during the production and installation of rock mineral wool?

 The results of numerous researches show norelation between the exposure to rock mineral wool fibers and increased risk ofpulmonary diseases. During the production, highly biodegradable fibers aregenerated which are not hazardous for human cells. After accidental inhalationof rock mineral wool particles, these particles are soon released from the organism ordissolved in body fluids.  


Do the fibers cause troublesafter the installation of insulation?

 There are manyguesses about the quantity of rock mineral wool fibers in premises intended for peopleafter the installation of insulation. Here are some essential facts:

·       Once installed, rock mineral wool does not releasefibers into air; the measuring carried out in an insulated building showed thatquantities of the fibers in air are so low that they often cannot be measured.  

·       Rock mineral wool fibers are not found in citizens’lungs. The conclusion is that the level of these fibers is very low and that incase of exposure the fibers are not retained in the lungs long enough to behazardous for human health.  


Skin irritation?

 Some people feel temporary “itching” after stonewool handling. This “itching” is a mechanical reaction, not a chemical one, torough and coarse fibers of rock mineral wool and it usually stops  when there is no more exposure to the fibersand/or after washing the hands under a strong flush of water. It is notrecommendable to rub and scratch the irritated spot.   


Irritation of throat andeyes?

 Possible irritation of theupper respiratory tract and eyes is similar to that caused by dust of variousorigin. After accidental exposure to rock mineral wool fibers, go out to fresh air andrinse the throat and eyes with plenty of water, for several minutes. If theirritation persists, obtain medical advice.