Insulation for special applications - OEM products




OEM products forhousehold appliances 

Rock mineral wool products are used as insulation materials in the production of householdappliances owing to their excellent thermal insulation properties (electric cookingstoves and solid fuel cooking stoves, water heaters, storage heaters,fireplaces).

These products are manufactured in accordancewith customers’ specifications and drawings. Our products comply with the moststringent EU standards for household appliances. Contact




OEM for sandwichpanels


Rock mineral wool isan excellent insulation material in various types of prefabricated constructionelements, such as sandwich panels, owing to its excellent fire, thermaland acoustic insulation properties.  

Manufacturers of sandwich panels apply rock mineral wool mainly between metal or wooden linings so that rock mineral wool becomes aconstituent part of sandwich panels. These elements are mainly used in theconstruction of industrial, commercial and business buildings.  Contact 


Fire preventionelements

KnaufInsulation offers a wide range of products for special purposes: fireprevention panels and doors, acoustic insulation panels, chimney insulationpanels, solar panels. Contact