Technical insulation



Mats on wire netting


In their standardmake, mats are single-side stapled with galvanized wire to a galvanized netting 25 x 0,7. They may be produced as single-side lined with AluR-foil. Contact



Rock mineral wool felt in rolls


Insulation feltintended for thermal, acoustic and fire insulation and protection where theinsulation is not subject to thrust load. Contact




High temperature boards


Fire gypsum boards are made of reinforced gypsum core. Contact




Pipe insulation

For pipe insulation, rock mineral wool is used in the form of tubes/flutes of R and RA typeslined with alu foil. For pipes with large bores, we offer the product LAM ALU. Contact



Bulk rock mineral wool in bags


Rock mineral wool inbags is intended for thermal, fire and acoustic insulation where suchinsulation cannot be obtained with standard products. Contact